Welcome to FsMovMap

FsMovMap is an easy to use moving map for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) on Android devices.


09.03.2015 - New unified Server 

A new Server (2.03) has beend released. It is now a unified server for all versions of FSX (including STEAM) and P3D.

16.01.2015 - New Server for updated FSX on Steam released

In the "Downloads"-Section you'll find a new version of the Server for the updated FSX on Steam (10.0.62608.0). I highly recommend to disable automatic updates of FSX on Steam so you could update only if you need to.

13.01.2015 - New Version of FSX on Steam

Happy new year everybody! The FSX version on Steam got updated so the Server won't run anymore. I will update it as soon as possible, but it might take some days. Until then I highly recommend to NOT update FSX.

20.12.2014 - Server for Steam-Edition released

The Server for FSX Steam-Edition is released. You'll find it in the Downloads section.

19.12.2014 - Installer for Steam-Edition soon

A new version of FsMovMapServer2 for the FSX Steam-Edition is currently in the works. Check back soon!

01.04.2014 - New Installer

The installer of FsMovMap2Server has been modified to improve support for Prepar3D.

29.03.2014 - FsMovMap2 Pro available!

FsMovMap2 Pro is now available in the Play Store!

Enjoy more features and an ad free flight experience.

27.03.2014 - FsMovMap2 Free available!

FsMovMap2 Free is now available in the Play Store!

FsMovMap2 Pro is following the coming days...

02.03.2014 - FsMovMap 2.0 Screenshot

Busy airspace above BeNeLux. The pink airplanes are AI-airplanes. Orange symbols show airports, green symbols ILS-equipped airports.


24.11.2013 - FsMovMap 2.0 in the works!

It's been quite some time since the last update. But, hey, a new version is in the works! Faster, better, more options etc... stay tuned!

27.12.2011 - FsMovMapServer v1.06 available!

I really whish I could spend more time with the App development!

But a new version of the server is finally there! It fixes some more bugs and should handle flightplans better.

23.05.2011 - FsMovMapServer v1.03a BETA available!

Not much new as of now (but a major update could be expected soon ;-) , just some bugfixes. You don't have to install it, if the old beta was working correctly.

29.04.2011 - FsMovMapServer v1.03 BETA available!


- Added possibility to import PMDG and Level-D flightplans (in .rte format)

- some bugfixes

Please uninstall any previous versions before you install the beta. If you find any bugs or errors, please report them in the forum. Thank you!

24.04.2011 - First release available!

The app is now ready for download in the Android Market!

20.04.2011 - Testing is closed now

A big THANK YOU for everyone participating. Stay tuned for the first release....